Prank Scare Box

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Prank Scare Box Prank Scare Box Prank Scare Box Prank Scare Box
Prank Scare Box Prank Scare Box Prank Scare Box Prank Scare Box

Prank Scare Box

$14.99 0% OFF
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This prank scare box is a modern take on a classic joke. This box sits unassumingly on a table or desk. When you open the top panel, a fake spider jumps out onto your hand. This prank box is a great way to have some laughs and play a lighthearted joke on your friends. Made from durable plywood, this box is a cheap fun way to get a good prank in.

  • Plywood box
  • Fun jump scare spider
  • Perfect prank for you and your friends

So now you can express the prankster side of your personality. This prank box is perfect for a jokester in your life.

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