Why I started JokersLife!

Posted by Chris Hawkinson on

Why I started JokersLife!

As a kid I used Jokes and Pranks to break the ice with possible new friends .. I was a shy introvert, and I needed something to get a conversation going.  I was in the middle:  not the Class Clown, not a Brian; didn't do band, nor cheer.  I loved science, math and (when available) computers.

I wish to say it worked great, and I had tons of friends.  My friends were a small group, but tight, and they got my through Middle School.  It wasn't until late Highschool I started to bloom.

Years later, I started to date a nurse who had two small kids. My Magic tricks, pranks, shocking toys and jokes got us to bond, and continued to be a theme in our relationship over the years as I married their Mom and helped raise them.  Last week my oldest son visited, and we were back at the jokes and pranks.

Joke, pranks and silly games will not save the world, but they add smiles in a world that needs some sunshine!  With family's being forced to be in closer proximity than ever before, a few giggles and laughs can be the difference between a sad day and a good day!

Bring some laughs into your life!  Celebrate your inner Joker!

Have a Pranky Day!