Sample Office Pranks to Try at Work for Laughter

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Sample Office Pranks to Try at Work for Laughter

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Do you know anyone at work who is overworked and in need of a good laugh? Are you looking for office prank ideas that are entertaining but do not endanger anyone?
Do you want to know how to prank a coworker?
We've compiled a list of practical jokes that you can are using to make job more enjoyable.
But, before we get into the pranks, let's talk about workplace pranks, their advantages, restrictions, and significance.

The Advantages and Significance of Office Jokes
Utilizing healthy, non-offensive dramatic irony at work can help to perk up up a routine, dull day at the office. Everyone's faces light up when they see it.

Managers and coworkers use practical jokes to improve teamwork and functionality. If you manage a team, jokes and pranks are a great way to boost inspiration and communicate with friends.

Man Having Pie Thrown in his Face as a Prank

Playing practical jokes can help you increase productivity and employee job satisfaction by:
• Boost employee interaction
• Enhances optimism and eliminates toxicity
• Reduce exhaustion and anxiety
• Encourages an enjoyable company culture
• Affects take a peek of togetherness
• Facilitates solace and regeneration
• Reduces lost productivity

When and how should you prank your coworkers?
We are discussing the regulations when using workplace practical joke concepts. Workplace practical jokes, if done too far or in an inappropriate manner, can land reader and your career in hot water. Please keep the following in mind when pranking at work:

 Man popping paper bag behind his colleague in office. Funny joke

  • Paper Wrapping

Office worker swivel chair and potted plant covered with bubble wrap and tape in empty office space

Instead of trying to wrap gifts, use glittering bubble wrap to cover your employee's desk, office chair, and framework.

  • The Toilet Seat for Nicolas Cage

Close up of tan hairy man hand pushing open a grey blue bathroom stall door from inside under a warm light front point of view perspective angle.

Nicolas Cage works wonders in the restroom if you really want your coworkers to laugh. Simply insert his oddest and most optimistic photo on the bathroom and let someone to come and meet anyone who needs to use the restroom.

  • The Drawer of Fish

meat and fish in the fridge drawer

This is indeed a fishy situation!  You just have to do is get   your coworker's desk drawer, vacant it, start taking a cling film, and try to fill it in with fish and water. 

  • The Sticky Notes Effect

Friends playing a prank on their colleague in office. April Fools' Day prank
Platform provided the image.
Sticky notes/post-its can be used to decorate a friend's desk or car. One of the most hilarious joke for someone who engage in these activities and never uses sticky notes. Try it right now!

  • Install Chrome Extension

Logos of the Google browser Chrome app on a heap (Version 2022 of the logo). Web banner size with copy space - Selective focus

This is a fun and humorous prank that always works!
Simply install a Chrome extension and install each photo with Nicolas Cage. Isn't it horrifying? Extensions are simple to install and uninstall, so it will have no effect on your colleague's computer.

  • The Keyboard seed board

Spärliches Wachstum

A few jokes require sun's rays and H2o to propagate! Make this prank a success by enlisting the assistance of your IT squad to grow some seeds on your colleague's keyboard.

  • That icing cake balloon 

Birthday party composition on pink background. Top view with copy space.

Our Special day are frequently celebrated at work, and a little healthy humor is always welcome on your coworker's special day. Ice a balloon instead of a cake. Allow your coworker to cut into it and burst out in buttercream!

  •  Birthday Prank

Holzauto mit bunten Geschenken

You know that we all got that one coworker that is always  nice to everyone and never wants to hurt anyone's feelings.
Approach them, then sing happy birthday song loudly to them, present them with a big cake as a treat, and request them to blow  the candles out. Take note if your colleague has the audacity to say...not It's their birthday and burst out laughing!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and that you will put some of these office prank ideas to use at your workplace. Remember to be secure and not damage anyone with a mental disorder or Post traumatic stress, and keep it playful, plain and interacting for higher efficiency and team working perfectly.


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