Pranks that will SHOCK your friends!

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Pranks that will SHOCK your friends!


When you are trying to prank your friends, nothing beats a good shock!


Pranking using props that physically shock the victim are absolute classics, and for good reason. Shocking pranks are one of the easiest jokes you can play on someone, and it requires no time to set up. We have compiled a list of our best pranks that are sure to shock your audience!



Chewing Gum: Our shocking chewing gum is a modern take on a classic prank. It looks and feels like a regular pack of gum, and delivers a small harmless shock when the stick of gum is pulled. The premise is simple, and the prank works every single time. This is the perfect device for easy and consistent pranks.



Electric Pen: This is a great prank for the office or in class! This is an actual functional pen, so the victim won't suspect a thing. Next time someone asks to borrow a pen, you'll give them the shock of a lifetime! The shock is harmless, but the vibration will startle whoever falls for this hilarious prank. 



Shock Lighter: Our shock lighter is a very realistic looking prop that produces a small shock when you press down on the starter. This is the perfect prank if you have candles in your home or if someone you know is a smoker. Simply replace a real lighter with our shock lighter, and wait for hilarity to ensue! 



If you want something fun for the whole family, check out our shocking hot potato gameThis funny shocking ball is the perfect game to liven up a party. Turn it on and toss the ball around like a hot potato. The person holding the ball when the timer runs out gets a small shock. This game ball is a fun way to have some excitement with friends and play some games.