Pranks and Family Reunions

Posted by Chris Hawkinson on

Pranks and Family Reunions

As we enter into early summer, and its time for my favorite time of the year!  Family Reunion time!  I don't have a big family, 2-3 kids per generation for a couple of generations.  My wife, however, has more relatives than I know in the entire world! 

Those with huge families understand the problem, people of all classes of life, from all over the country with little in common except common ancestry all getting together for fun.  Some times it can be really fun, and other times anything but.

With COVID-19 getting under control we may all get more invites this year, and if your a prankster …. it can be either really fun … or disaster.

Pranks at a Family Reunion should be simple, and as inoffensive as possible (well, I guess it all depends on what your family thinks of you!), and certainly not get anyone hurt!

One of our daring customers purchased a bunch of our T-Shirts and Mugs gave them out as prizes.

Still you don't have to spend lots of money to have lots of fun.  Ideas to consider:

  • Put cereal and milk in a bowl and let it freeze with the spoon in it. The next morning right before breakfast, take the bowl out and pour a little bit of milk on top. Any hungry people try to dig in, they’ll find that their cereal won’t budge.

  • After cooking pancakes put a 3”x3” piece of white flannel into each pancake and cook as usual. Flannel makes pancakes impossible to cut! 

  • Make some Jell-O in clear juice glasses. Fill the glass about ¾ full and after it starts to set, insert a drinking straw. Once set, it will look like a normal glass of juice with a straw in it. Simply set it at their place at the breakfast table.

  • Take a few coins and Gorilla glue them on the sidewalk or walkway leading up to your house.  When the relatives try to pick them up they’re stuck. Warning - The glue will leave a dark mark on your concrete.

Have a Pranky Day!