Office Pranks!

Posted by Chris Hawkinson on

Office Pranks!
Ahh, Office Pranks!  If there is one thing I enjoy more than pranking my family, it is pranking people at work! 
You have to be a little careful (depending on your management, and the persons temperament).  Remember, however, harassment and bullying, in all forms is bad, so share the love!  Don't focus on one target!

Now there are tons of pranks you can do with a few keystrokes or mouse clicks for the people who forget to lock their PC, but I'll let you look for them yourself.  You can change the keyboard layout, flip the screen upside down, etc.  Just make sure you check how to reverse it so you can change it back when they get up and leave :)

And yes, I "moved" people's Monitor's, wireless keyboards or mouse (but that is too easy).  Though I did sprain an ankle in the old days when the monitors weighed much more than today.  Something startled me, I turned wrong, and the monitor went flying, and I hit the ground.  The monitor was fine .... it found a soft thing to land on (me).

My favorite are small toys.  I loved my Missile Launcher (some had a great camera for aiming), but our remote control snakes will do quite fine.  If you have someone who is always picking up pens, our Shock Pens are always a delight!  , and, of course, for people who pick up items in your office try the Shock Ball.  They will play with it, tossing it back and forth until they got a light shock!

Have a Pranky Day!