Levels of Pranks!

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Levels of Pranks!

I was reading some of the comments on my JokersLife Facebook, and I was amazed that some of the complaints was our Alligator  Head didn't look like a real Alligator.  Okay, I get it.  Our model wasn't designed to be a zoological accurate model, but more to the point, we didn't want people to die.

You can read more about pranks that ended in disaster.

Clinically, Pranks have different levels in my opinion:

  • Simple - These are the simple, straight forward pranks, mostly to startle and shock.  These can be with limited or no risk of harm, or have a risk of harm.  As an example, tying peoples shoelaces together can cause serious harm, if they lose their balance and hit their head.

  • Planned - These the more advanced pranks, planned out.  The desire here is usually to get a reaction more than just a startle.  These are my favorite but again, a stronger reaction means more danger of harm.  When you plan, don't just plan for the prank, but to minimize the potential risk to the person you are pranking.
  • Divorce - Okay … the name is a joke, BUT this is the joke that goes too far.  No one plans a joke to go too far, but sometimes people just don't think.  I know Bomb Pranks are considered funny by some people, people have gotten hurt.  Other times I have seen people either to seriously embarrass their significant other, or do something stupid like pretending to have sex with a third person.  Again, my friends,  think, no prank is worth a divorce.

JokersLife focuses on the Simple/Safe pranks, Funny T-Shirts and Mugs.  Our Remote Control Crock/Alligator Head is made to shock, not to cause a heart attack.  We want people to be startled and scared, NOT to think they are about to be eaten.

Just remember, it isn't only the victim that is at risk.  Earlier this year prankster Timothy Wilks died during the filming of a prank.  Be careful, be safe!

Have a pranky day!