June is for ... Fathers Day!

Posted by Chris Hawkinson on

June is for ... Fathers Day!

Last month we discussed Mother's Day and how we don't usually think of it for a day of pranks, but Father's Day doesn't suffer that problem.

Now, as I was growing up I didn't play many pranks on my Dad, our relationship wasn't that way.  Though my boys and I were ALWAYS pranking each other, and Father's Day got extra attention.

Their favorite prank was a gift … of a Gnome … of many types.  What you may not know about me is I HATE garden gnomes.  I don't know why, I just never found anything about them to like,  and some are down right scary!

So, I have big gnomes, little gnomes, gnomes on toilettes, gnomes made out of soap, gnomes that look like Einstein ... If the gnome exists, I probably have it.  Since I never give away presents, I'm stuck with a collection I never wanted!

I don't suggest gnomes for YOUR Dad, but how about one of our funny T-Shirts, Mugs or Scary Pranks?  I'm sure you can find something that will tickle his funny bone, and give him a giggle as you remember him on his special day!

Have a Pranky Day!