Having fun with things around the house

Posted by Chris Hawkinson on

Having fun with things around the house

Yeah, we sell items for Jokes and Pranks, funny t-shirts, mugs, etc., but you don't need to by a gag to have fun.  Look at GrandMa and Pa in the picture.  Are they having fun??

In years past my oldest son would steal and hide the head of a singing Santa we would have up for Christmas.  When he was young, it wasn't a problem, but as he got older and smarter, he found more ingenious ways to "make it disappear."  This got to be frustrating!

He was back home in late fall and helped us bring our holiday decorations out of our attic.  Seeing me struggling with the Singing Santa, he offered to help, and then quickly took the head of Santa and rolled it out of the room ..

Not much help, but a smile from the past :)