Hard Times to Fun Times!

Posted by Chris Hawkinson on

Hard Times to Fun Times!

The world is a scary place right now.   Between Problems in Washington, COVID and Winter storms, 2021 isn't as happy as we hoped.
BUT you can change that!

  • Pranks, jokes and tricks can lighten any mood.  Oh sure, getting your head pushed into a cake wasn't even fun as a kid, but the guy in the picture seems to enjoy it.  Oh, I'm not suggesting you prank someone going through a REALLY bad day, but a simple joke can brighten someone who is blue.

  • Don't like Pranks?    Not the class clown?  How about portable jokes that make people smile?  We at JokersLife know that pranks are not for everyone, but consider a Funny T-Shirt to make people giggle.  Look at the Do Not Read T-Shirt.  As you go through your day, at least one person will smile.

  • Is it hard to get started in the morning?  I don't know about you, but sometimes it is just difficult to get started in the morning.  I have a work colleague who will always does a Dad Joke at our daily standups, BUT he needs his coffee in the morning to get started.  Here is the gift I'm sending him!  

Life can be hard, but jokes and pranks can turn a frown upside down!  Just keep the fun safe, and focus on the fun!

Have a Pranky Day!