Funny & Harmless Pranks For Adults

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Funny & Harmless Pranks For Adults

Adults like playing practical jokes and funny pranks on their friends and family members just as much as kids do. The goal is to make sure your prank is amusing rather than dangerous. Always keep your audience in mind when performing tricks that are impolite, harmful, damaging, or hurtful. The tricks that follow are ideal for some grown-up ridiculous fun.

Harmless Food Pranks

Before you try these tricks, make sure your victim doesn't have any food allergies or other health issues.

Salty Cookies 

Instead of sugar, add salt to a batch of baked cookies. Decoratively package the cookies in tins or arrange them on a dish. Place the plate on the table or take it to a dinner party with a friend.


"What Happened To My Water?" 

When your victim isn't looking, squeeze a little lemon juice into their water. You can also add a splash of vinegar or a pinch of salt. Then anticipate their reaction when they take a second sip.


Frozen Cereal 

Fill a bowl with cereal and milk the night before you plan to pull this prank. After that, put the bowl in the freezer for the night. Offer to make breakfast the next morning and place frozen cereal and a spoon in front of your "victim." Keep an eye on them as they try to take a spoonful.


Household Pranks

These pranks are ideal for family members and roommates. Make sure the "victim" isn't in a hurry when you do these pranks, as this could lead to upsetness or hurt feelings.


Shrunken Shoes 

In the toes of the victim's shoes, stuff a sock or a napkin. Take a time to execute this trick on every pair of shoes the person has if you're feeling very naughty.

Random Spider Attack 

Attach a slender string to several small fake spiders. Close the door after taping the string just above the door jam. In the narrow gap between the top of the door and the door jam, place the spiders.


Keep It Fun & Harmless

When preparing a prank, it's critical to consider the feelings of the person who will be the target of the hoax. If there will be any negative effects, such as damage to property, persons, or relationships, you might not want to conduct the prank. Everyone will find your prank just as funny as you do if you keep these points in mind.