Fix Grumpy People!

Posted by Chris Hawkinson on

Fix Grumpy People!

When I was dating my wife I was having to deal with a little bit of a sullen little boy.  His brother was had no issue, with me, but boy, he may me work to get even a smile from him.

One day I realized he was fascinated by a simple magic trick we saw in a store.  Well, the next time I came over, I had a whole suitcase of my pranks and magic tricks, and each time I was with him. I brought one out to show him.  This continued for quite a while, and eventually we grew much closer. 

He is now over 20 and living away from us, and I have been married to his mother for almost 18 years.

This is the power of Jokes and Pranks!  They turn can someone's frown upside-down!  Now, I'm not saying if you put a "Kick Me" sign on their back that they will fall madly in love with you, but a bond of shared jokes and pranks can build a lasting connection.

This is this if the power of the prank.  It can turn someone's frown upside-down!

Have a Pranky Day!