Are all pranks funny? No ,,, Please don't do these!!

Posted by Chris Hawkinson on

Are all pranks funny?  No ,,, Please don't do these!!

April Fools may be better named than some people thought.  Here are some pranks people pulled in 2021.  Let me know if you find them funny!

Okay .. Telling your daughter you are shot?  Active shooter?  Robbing banks?  These are about as funny as a root canal at your dentist.   Lets just put a rule .. if the police get involved, the prank isn't funny!

One of my earlier posts (Best Pranks), I discussed what makes a joke funny.  Its all about timing.  Shooting pranks in this day and age are just stupid .. sorry .. 

To do a good prank you need to be aware of your environment.  Lets use another one as an example .. What is the likely result, lets say, telling your daughter you have been shot?  Do you imagine she will run home (into a potential dangerous situation) to check to see if you are alive?  If so, please re-read some of those books on raising children.  How about she would do the sane thing and CALL 911.  This isn't even an improbably outcome .. it is the most likely.

The moral of the story is TRY not to be arrested.  Buy our Shock Pen or RC Alligator Head.  They are on sale, and PROBABLY will not get you arrested.  Other items on our Post-April Fools' Day sales are Here!