10 Easy DIY Halloween Pranks That'll Make Everyone Scream of Laughter

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10 Easy DIY Halloween Pranks That'll Make Everyone Scream of Laughter

Are you the type of person who looks forward to holidays that allow for a good old-fashioned prank? That could mean you're always the first to arrange an April Fool's Day prank, or that you make an excuse for every holiday. We've compiled a list of the greatest easy DIY Halloween pranks and ideas.

For some harmless Halloween fun, try these simple fake-outs. Whether you're pranking your family, partner, friends, or coworkers, we're sure your spook-tacular prank will have them howling with laughter.


1. Make ice cubes out of gummy eyeballs and drop them into your victim's drink.

2. During the night, buy cheap hair extensions in the same color as your target's hair and scatter them over her pillow.

3. Remove a shower head and thoroughly dry the inside; then add a packet of red powdered drink mix and reinstall the shower head. The individual who has the misfortune of turning on the faucet will be drenched with fake blood.

4. Purchase a caramel apple kit from the grocery store, but replace the apples with onions. To complete the disguise, coat them in nuts or coconut and bring them to a Halloween party for a larger prank you can play on multiple unsuspecting victims at once!

5. This simple Halloween prank is ideal for a family member who isn't expecting it. Close the lid and place a rubber bat, rat, or snake in the toilet.

6. Prepare this prank the night before Halloween to give your friends a scare the next day: Write a spooky invisible message on the bathroom mirror with your finger or a cotton swab dipped in liquid dish detergent, such as "I'm watching you." Your remarks will appear suddenly when your target takes a shower and the mirror fogs up.

7. Dress yourself as a scarecrow, witch, ghost, or mummy (make careful to cover your hands and face) and place yourself as a decorative dummy along the path to your front door after dark. Stay as still as possible until the trick-or-treaters arrive, then leap forward to greet them.

8. We enjoy this amusing and terrifying prank idea: With a piece of string, measure half the length of a doorway and cut it to that length. Tape the other end to the center of the door frame and tie a plastic spider to one end. Now place the spider on the top edge of the door and leave it slightly ajar. The next person that goes through the door will be the target of your creepy crawly.

9. Cut a bowl large enough to fit your hand through in the bottom of a Tupperware container or cardboard box and cover it with tissue paper. Candy should be placed in the bowl or box. Offer a treat to an unsuspecting victim, then reach through the tissue paper to seize his hands.

10. This one goes out to a generous prankster: Instead of stealing candy from a neighbor's bowl, put candy into his dish when trick-or-treating. Turn around and walk away quickly.


    Pranks, especially Halloween ones, are all about fun. Remember to never risk anyone's safety, because a dangerous prank isn't a funny prank. Check out the Levels Of Pranks for some prank yes's and prank no-no's.